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Drew Vachal


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About Me

About Me


Drew Vachal





Date Of Birth:

31 January


Boise, Idaho

Web Hits:

5 Million

I have had more than 5 years in experience in social media marketing, 2 years in website development, and about 3 years running a blog that has 80,000+ followers across all BroncoNationNews.com social media platforms.

Since graduating from Boise State University in 2012 I have had the privilege to work for a diagramming software company that worked closely with first responders, military, and FBI.

Shortly after the tenure with the software company, I had a 2-year stint with a company based out of Los Angeles that offered resiliency skills to cancer patients through an online classroom environment. In which I was in charge of creating and monitoring.

Fast forward to today, I am currently still working on BroncoNationNews.com, as well as working as the Title III: Online Services Specialist at Northwest Nazarene University.

Boise State University


Bachelor of Arts – Communications

Experience :

My Work Experience



Northwest Nazarene University

2016 to present

Online Services Specialist

Oversee integration of new hardware and software within the Canvas Learning Management System

Integration of new technology and diagnose and improve any existing technology currently within the NNU infrastructure

Troubleshoot course-related software to ensure an efficient course presentation for both the students and counselor

Offer assistance and training to both Northwest Nazarene’s faculty, staff and students to ensure the best quality in educational technology

Implement new technology and services to better support faculty


2014 to Present

Web Development/Operations

Create, design and optimize websites for clients & customers

Implement search engine optimization to help maximize search engine results, using keywords, research and continual updated meta descriptions

Construct website templates/themes that are optimized across all mobile platforms

Meet project deadlines on web development & other tasks

Offered comprehensive training & support for all clients

Provided expertise knowledge in mobile internet, newsletter and social media marketing

CSS & HTML editing to better suit the needs of clients’ websites

Oversee integration of new plugins, templates, and new technology within the WordPress platform

Bronco Nation News

2009 to Present


Launched com on January 13th, 2014. In 11 months of operation, BNN has compiled over 1.3 million visits, as well as 1.7 million page views.

Managing experience overseeing 14 different staff members, including: writers, video editors, and

Consistently seeking full compliance with Boise State University’s Licensing and Trademark department.

Managing social media pages on Facebook & Twitter – Bronco Nation News (65,000+), Boise State Fiesta Bowl 2010 (46,000+), The Blue (7,000+), Twitter (10,000+), and Instagram (6,000+) – to communicate and update news, articles and videos on the Boise State Broncos.

Assessed and implemented new communication venues & platforms in order to better access and serve end users/group members

Designed marketing strategies to enhance fan interaction and gained more active users throughout each social media outlet

Implemented new ideas, day-to-day media strategies, engaging content, interactive features & event planning

Planned and helped design Youtube videos and channel to engage more fans

Constructed an AD marketing plan with various local businesses, as well as (Blue Cross of Idaho, Idaho Lottery, The Huddle Sports Grill, Villa Décor & Design, The Mtn. Network, The Blue & Orange Store)


2014 to 2016

Tech Support Director

Proficient with Adobe Connect and can utilize the program in order to create a meeting, share interactive content such as PDFs and JPEGs, share files and designate user

Demonstrated high levels of drive and discipline by participating in rigorous self-taught courses such as a completion of a comprehensive Adobe Connect Essential Training

Adobe Connect courses completed in order to be better positioned to serve clients at the highest ability possible

Created multiple templates for various meeting settings

Cut, spliced and edited recordings of confidential video for military and cancer patients

Uploaded files and content onto Adobe Connect servers for smoother meetings with clients, military and cancer patients

Troubleshoot and resolve minor and complex issues on numerous different operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux

Maintain up-to-date- desktop and web applications ranging from MS Office, OnJive, Adobe Products and Skype

Troubleshoot WIFI & network issues along with web/software plugins and firewalls to ensure successful user experience

A-T Solutions

2013 to 2013

Software Support Technician

Extensive experience in executing superior technical and customer support by creating web meetings, conference calls, remote sessions when personally interacting with clients

Directly managed web-based collaboration tools and interactive web meetings by providing technical support, such as license activations, file corruption fixes & template issues

Provide web design support for the A-T Solutions software (Trancite) website

What i can provide



Website Design

With most website traffic starting to transition from desktop to mobile, it is essential that websites are compatible on all mobile devices. I design every website with combatility on all devices.


Search Engine Optimization seems to be a never-ending battle. I use plugins and platforms to help boost search engine results, so that companies and websites are easy to find.


With technology constantly changing, I make sure to keep updated with the changes in the technology and platforms to help make your site run smoothly each month.


I offer training to anyone that is looking to make website changes, as well as how to improve their online presence and social media strategies.

I am good at

My Skill

My Skill

My Professional Strengths

The strength of a man’s virtue should not be measured by his special exertions, but by his habitual acts.

Communicate well with colleagues and clients
Strive to excel & driven to succeed
Manages time well
Willing & ready to learn
Can handle multiple projects
Oversee colleagues & delegate tasks to accomplish goals

  • Web Development
  • HTML
  • Social Media
  • Wordpress
  • Adaptability



Pretty Good



  • Web design and development
  • Social Media
  • Video Editing
  • SEO
  • Google AdSense
  • Sovrn Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Wordpress Development
  • Google Analytics
My Featured Work

My Portfolio

My Portfolio
Here's what my clients say



Drew is a professional and talented web and social media specialist. He is very responsive to our Foundation's needs, creative in identifying the right solutions to our issues and is always looking to assist us in growing and improving our virtual presence. We are better for his energy, intellect and around the clock support. Any organization would be lucky to have him on their team.

William R. Fenick

Executive Director at SEAL Family Foundation

Drew was my personal choice to lead my website development, social media, and partner management efforts for all my web customers. I asked Drew to develop support plans, execute customer care and customer support, make modifications and updates to meet customer design and implementation requirements. Drew ALWAYS executes with professionalism, proficiency, and excellence and requires zero supervision. He is the perfect team member and surpasses my expectations every day I have the privilege of working with him. Please follow up with me for a reference check or any additional information.

Alyce Fernebok


Mr. Vachal has worked for my company as an independent contractor for the better part of two years. His three biggest value adds to our organization have been:

1. Work Ethic – Drew consistently gives us his best efforts and performance on all of our contracts. He does not shy away from difficult tasks and does not miss deadlines for execution.
2. Integrity – Our company produces software for the US military. As such, there is a high degree of trust and discipline that is required in everything we do. Drew has been a trusted partner in those efforts.
3. Innovation – We have asked Drew to learn a number of new technologies to support our efforts. His track record has been perfect in learning and applying these in complex contractual efforts.

Josh Evarts

4LNS - Operations

Drew is an incredibly talented, kind, dependable and professional person. He and I worked for two years at a company called Reimagine. I taught online resiliency classes to people whose lives have been impacted by cancer and he was behind the scenes providing technical support! His technical skill and dependable nature allowed me to be completely present to the people in my class, knowing he was a message away from resolving any unforeseen technical issue that arose. He is an asset to anyone lucky enough to know and
work with him!

Valerie Bartol

Licensed Therapist and Integrative Life Coach

As a small business, it is important for us to have a nice website that looks professional with original touch. Drew’s demeanor was easy going and it was a pleasure working with him. He listened to our business needs and incorporated the ideas into the website design and layout. Now, the website looks amazing, and is exactly what we envisioned.

Troy Thibo

Founder of BoiseIT

Drew brings a high level of enthusiasm and is committed to his professional development. He has a great work ethic and works hard to excel in the duties he is given. He is also willing to accept constructive critiques and instruction. He is never satisfied with anything less than his best. If you were to select him as an employee, you could rest assured that Drew would make the most of the opportunities this position would present for him.

Pete Potloff

Director of Family Life at Salem Heights Church